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What is Lightning Trivia?

Anyone can be good at trivia when you can look up the answer on your phone. With Lightning Trivia you only have 10 seconds to answer. That's why it's lightning trivia! Each tournament is played over multiple rounds in a single evening. You belong to a team of up to 4 players and compete with another team one-on-one. Every player has their own buzzer to press when they know an answer. Being fast on the buzzer is key to success. There are enough rounds for every team to play every other team in a Double Elimination Ladder. We'll explain what a double elimination ladder is below. Each round has between 15-25 questions depending on the number of teams competing. If you get it right your team gains 10 points. If you get it wrong your team loses 10 points. That's right, you can have a negative score. If the other team gets a question wrong you might be able to steal it. A stolen question wins you 5 points but it can also lose you 5 points if you get it wrong. You can only confer with your team when you attempt to steal a question.

People often ask "How hard are the questions?" And the answer is "They're pretty darn simple." Here are some examples:

  • In banking, what does PIN mean?
  • How many days are in the month of September?
  • What trophy is awarded to the NHL playoff champion team?
  • Finish this song: “trick or treat, smell my feet…”
The Teams

Upcoming events

We host Lightning Trivia events in a variety of locations. We run them in restaurants, bars and as corporate or private events. To play, you sign up through our EventBrite page. Team registration is $40 per team + a small service charge. We require 4-6 teams to run a tournament. You should plan for 3 hours for the entire tournament. Your team is guaranteed to play at least 2 rounds but, depending how you do, you could get many more. We will adjust the number of questions per round to try to keep the total time short.

Date TBD - Turtleback Tap & Grill

3187 Highway 2 - Fall River, Nova Scotia - starts 7pm sharp!

The Turtleback is located on the shores of beautiful Lake Thomas, which is part of the historic Shubenacadie Canal system that served as a highway for the local Mi’kmaq people and later for early European settlers. Just as a turtle is comfortable enjoying life in the water or on land, guests at The Turtleback can enjoy the waters of Lake Thomas on the turtle’s back, from the comfort of their dining area or covered patio.


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Your host

Alex "Sandy" Walsh lives here in Halifax. He created Lightning Trivia when his wife mentioned "I'd like to host a trivia night for my friends at work." As always, Sandy went overboard and created this. Now he's spreading the joy and offering Lightning Trivia to the world (well, Halifax for now).

Reach out if you have more questions or if you're interested in hosting a private party.

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The Ladder

A double elimination ladder means you get to play every other team at least once. The ladder has two sections: Upstairs and The Basement. Every team starts upstairs. If you win your round you move to the basement but you're still in the tournament. In fact, even if you're in the basement you can still win the whole tournament. But if you lose a round while you're in the basement you're eliminated for good. When all rounds are played the last remaining team upstairs plays the last remaining team in the basement. If the upstairs team wins this final round they win the tournament. However, if the basement team wins this final round both teams have to play again (because every team is allowed to lose just once). If the basement team wins this rematch, they win the touranment. So never give up, this happens more than you might think!


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